Newcastle Physiotherapy

At David Fairlamb Fitness we offer a full wellness programme including Catherine our physiotherapist.

Catherine has 15 years experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, having worked in both NHS and private settings. Catherine worked as a host physiotherapist at the London 2012 Olympic Games, with the Gymnastics and Trampolining and also at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games with Gymnastics. She has worked in rugby, for Northumberland County senior men, and Tynedale RFC and in basketball for the Newcastle Eagles. As well as sports injuries, Catherine is interested in working with a wide range of techniques to help people with postural problems, work-related injuries, and a wide variety of conditions including back and neck pain, headaches/migraine and joint pain/ stiffness.

Catherine has a varied background in sport, having achieved a BSc in Sports Science from Loughborough University and an MSc in Exercise Science from Eastern Illinois University in the USA. She also represented her County in athletics and badminton and played rugby for Scotland's national women's team.

Catherine believes in a thorough examination, which will help to diagnose acute and chronic injuries and to guide treatment. Treatment techniques may include:

  • Exercise Therapy

    - Identifying weak or tight muscle groups is an important part of physiotherapy and following an exercise, the programme can often lead to long-lasting improvement in symptoms.
  • Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release

    - massage and gentle stretching techniques to help loosen and unwind adverse tension in the muscles and connective tissue of the body.
  • Craniosacral Therapy

    - a gentle treatment where a light touch is used to help improve movement in the craniosacral system, which can release tight structures and promote the body's healing. Please contact me if you would like further information.
  • Acupuncture

    – insertion of fine needles to improve pain and restore health. Can be effective for back pain, joint pain (including arthritis) and tension headaches as well as acute sports injuries.


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Newcastle Physiotherapy, Catherine