VersaClimber classes

WE are the only gym in the UK to custom design a VersaClimber Hub, optimised for sound and lighting providing an exclusive experience. Our 30 mins sessions are unique and hugely motivational... 

What are VersaClimbers?
The Versaclimber mimics the natural motion of climbing. It is a 75-degree vertical rail with pedals and handles. There are a number of variables that can be tweaked including handle height, stroke length and resistance

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The Huge Benefits:
Calorie burn - 
research shows it supercharges your metabolism and torches 3 times as many calories than any other piece of cardio gym equipment.
Non weight-bearing -
 If you have knee, hip or back issues the non weight-bearing joint friendly VersaClimbers are perfect for you. Andy Murray's road to recovery after his career threatening hip injury was hugely accelerated by his VersaClimber fitness programme. As you are upright the movement also strengthens your back, bum, legs, shoulders, calves and core. In other words its a full body workout.

Class Information

When -
Monday morning - 06.30-07.00
Monday morning - 07.15-07.45

Tuesday morning - 09.45-10.15

Wednesday morning - 06.30-07.00

Wednesday morning - 11.00-11.30
Wednesday evening - 17.30-18.00
Wednesday evening - 18.15-18.45

Thursday morning - 07.15-07.45

Thursday morning - 11.00-11.30

Friday morning - 07.15-07.45 


Who is it suitable for? Like all our sessions at DF Fitness, classes are non competitive and are designed to suit all ages (12 years & over) and levels of fitness. You work at your own pace.
Where - DF Versa Hub, DF Fitness 3, Saturn Court, Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate, North Shields, NE29 7BY
Duration - 30mins
Cost - £10 payable on receipt of the confirmation email.
Cancellation Policy - Due to there only being 13 people per class any cancellations within 24 hours of the class incurs the cost of the session.
Booking - There are only 13 places available, therefore the first 13 people to contact us will be guaranteed a slot, we will also be running a reserve list, who we will contacted if we receive any cancellations.
More classes - If you are interested in a class please email us. We will also add you to our priority list where you will receive all class information and place availability.
Book a class - Contact Claire

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Versaclimber classes
Versaclimber classes

Custom designed Versahub

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