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Male weight loss success, Newcastle

Fit Factor / Active8 contestant's success

Nick was one of the Fit Factor Active8 and weighed in at 23 stones 7lbs. He used to play rugby every weekend and train regularly so was always quite fit. Four years ago he damaged his knee and had to stop playing. He found this gap in his life difficult to fill and struggled to find any exercise that motivated him and ended up gaining three stones in weight.

His biggest problem was his appetite, he ate a huge amount of bread, potatoes, and takeaways. He also had a sweet tooth and loved to eat chocolate and crisps. The Fit Factor gave him the motivation to change his diet and regain his love for exercise, especially as it was in a group environment - like his rugby days. Between Fit Factor sessions Nick also went running and is now enjoying his new slimmer lighter look.

Nick’s physical change in the 12 weeks, as you can see, was mind-blowing. Proof once again that, even with a full-time job and 2 small children, results can be achieved very quickly.

Nick's thoughts:

'Dave provided me with a diet plan which really helped me – I was worried I’d be hungry all the time but nothing could be further from the truth, I actually felt guilty because I was eating so much. The weight continues to fall off which just goes to show what eating the right food can do for you!

I’ve always loved doing exercise and the sessions with David were perfect for me – he maintained our focus and enthusiasm by mixing up the sessions, giving us plenty of variety and working us in pairs which allowed us to push each other to achieve better results – it was a brilliant and life-changing experience.

What a difference in 12 weeks – having lost 5 stones! – my fitness has gone through the roof – I’ve been running, doing 7.5 miles at 10-minute mile pace – if you’d asked me to try that before, I ’d have probably only made it to the end of the street! Even when I was playing rugby regularly I wasn’t as fit and didn’t feel as good as I do now. I have more energy for everyday life and although I’ve never really lacked confidence I feel much happier in myself. Thanks, Dave for all the time, focus and motivation to help me make this happen!’

Disclaimer: *Please note results may vary from person to person*

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