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weight loss success, Newcastle upon tyne

11 stones 7 lbs loss in 8 months

After a serious injury stopped Jon playing rugby at an early age his weight started to spiral out of control. He became low and started to comfort eat ballooning to nearly 29 stones. He entered the Fit Factor competition and even though I had previously played rugby with Jon I hardly recognized him at the interview. I knew how committed he was on the rugby field and knew if he showed the same sort of attitude would lose a huge amount of weight.

Jon lost 5stones 4 lbs during the Fit Factor 12 weeks, he has carried on training and following my Sugar Clean Lean was of eating and has lost an incredible 11stones 7lbs in 8 months.... what an inspiration

Killingworth man Jonathan Ord sheds 10st 2lbs in six months and declares 'I'm a new man'

Jon's thoughts:

'I feel like a different person, which in many ways I am. I don’t feel I am missing out on anything food-wise, I just make different choices now.
The response I get from people I still find surprising, some people genuinely don’t recognize me, but without exception, it has been positive. I am down from about a 54” waist to about 36/38” now but still going, however, it is a novel experience for me to be able to walk into a high street store and buy something and not have to rely on specialist online shops.

Physically I feel hugely better but also mentally I feel more alert and resilient. All in all incredibly positive and I don’t even recognize myself from when the competition began. 

Disclaimer: *Please note results may vary from person to person*

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