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8 stone weight loss, Newcastle

Fit Factor contestant loses 5 stone 7 lbs in 12 weeks!

Ian was one of the Fit Factor Active8 and weighed in at 27 stones 10lbs which made him the heaviest of the 8. He had spent years over eating and doing very little exercise which had put his health in a very dangerous place.
At the Fit Factor interviews, he admitted he was due to have an operation on a damaged vocal cord but his weight meant the anesthetic would be too dangerous.

I couldn’t wait to help him because I could tell he would be very determined. It proved that way he was immediately 100% focussed and the results were instant and by the end of the Fit Factor 12 weeks he had lost 5 stones 7 lbs, he is continuing to train and 6 weeks later that total has moved to 8 stones.

An incredible achievement and his next targets are a 10 stones drop on the scales and to complete the Great North Run.

Ian has continued to be a joy to train and I look forward to seeing what he looks like and how he feels when he drops 10 stones.

Fit Factor's Ian Gibson gets go-ahead for life-changing op

Ian's thoughts:

'Since I started training with David, originally as part of the Fit Factor Active8, my confidence and energy levels have increased significantly plus my general health and shape have changed dramatically. The positive comments, support, and encouragement of David and his team are now feeding my new found confidence. The latest challenge was completing the Great North Run 10k on Sunday 22nd July, only 15 weeks after being unable able to jog 50 yards.

The variety and intensity of David’s personal training sessions are incredible, with 100% commitment given and required by both parties.

Without exaggeration, committing to the training and eating regime has improved my quality of life and probably added years onto my life expectancy!

I lost 7 stone on the lighter life diet but that took me 24 weeks. I have now lost 8 and a half stones since starting training with Dave in 18 weeks and I am eating proper food, feel healthier and believe I am living now, rather than surviving.

Disclaimer: *Please note results may vary from person to person*

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