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weight loss success, Tynemouth

12 weeks Active8 success!

Dan was one of the Fit Factor Active8 and weighed in at 17 stones11lbs which made him the lightest male in the group. He was extremely fit when he was younger and a superb runner finishing 72 in the Great North run in 1986.

He later suffered a badly broken leg which required two operations and left him in a non-weight bearing cast for over 3 months. For the first time in his life, he found himself in a position where he could not take part in sport and compete as he had.
He soon put on weight and found it difficult to motivate himself to try to train to the level of fitness that I was at before as he wanted immediate results.
The Fit Factor gave Dan the platform to show his total dedication, commitment and will to achieve. His food and training was impeccable and in 12 weeks he lost 4 stones and as you can see by the picture looks like an athlete with his body fat dropping to 18%, this awesome effort and achievement meant he was crowned the winner of the Fit Factor as he was seen to be the best ambassador moving forward.

Dan wins the Fit Factor from the Newcastle Journal …

Dan's thoughts:

'I was given a fantastic opportunity to work with David Fairlamb, David taught me that I needed to set small realistic targets, stay focused and give 100% at every session.
I started the training with an open mind and was prepared to give my all. David kept me motivated and I looked forward to every session. My self-esteem has improved dramatically and now feel good about myself again.
From where I was when I started 12 weeks ago to where I am today, in my eyes has been one of my greatest personal achievements and I could not have done it without David's help.

Disclaimer: *Please note results may vary from person to person*

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