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weight loss success in Newcastle

Andrea's new zest for life

After losing two close friends to cancer and with her weight spiraling out of control Andrea was is a very low place. Her initial consultation was very emotional but we managed to put things into perspective and help kick start a dramatic life-changing journey that has seen Andrea lose over 7 stones and regain her confidence and self-esteem.

Her dedication, focus, and new-found self-belief have meant she has rocketed past her first long term targets in record time and has now set new ones. The transformation has been amazing to see both physically and mentally as she is now so much happier in herself. 
Andrea’s fitness level is fantastic and she has a new zest for life and as you can see from the photographs, a new wardrobe.

Since losing her weight she has been giving talks to her work colleagues about her experience and how they can follow in her footsteps, they are now benefiting too.

Andrea's thoughts:

Walking through the door to David Fairlamb fitness has been the best and most important decision of my life! Being overweight for the last ten years came with health issues plus a negative impact on my mental health and I sometimes struggled to cope with everyday life. I would make excuses for not going out, didn't enjoy clothes shopping and would often hide behind baggy clothes. The more depressed I became about my weight the more I would eat and drink trying to block out how low I actually felt!
The help and support I received from the trainers gave me the guidance, focus, and belief I needed to lose weight, feel fitter and healthier!
I never thought I would get back my slim toned body that I had in my early 20's. I really enjoy the gym sessions, running and most recently started spinning classes which I love. I also look forward to the beach boot camp session each Saturday morning which is a great way to start your weekend.

It is hard to put in words how I feel but it has been LIFE CHANGING and I feel FANTASTIC!!

Disclaimer: *Please note results may vary from person to person*

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