David Fairlamb Fitness: Success Stories

We could tell you the benefits of our workouts, but it's better to hear from just a small number of our clients yourself. Select below to read their stories including some who have attracted local and national press.


Nick was one of the Fit Factor Active8 and weighed in at 23 stones 7lbs. He used to play rugby every weekend and train regularly so was always quite fit. Four y…


Ian was one of the Fit Factor Active8 and weighed in at 27 stones 10 lbs which made him the heaviest of the 8. He had spent years over eating and doing very lit…


Dave had come to a point in his life when he knew he had to make changes. He was so focused with work that he lost sight of the way he looked and felt. His weig…


After losing two close friends to cancer and with her weight spiralling out of control Andrea was is a very low place. Her initial consultation was very emotion…


'I was given a fantastic opportunity to work with David Fairlamb, David taught me that I needed to set small realistic targets, stay focused and give 100% at ev…


After a serous injury stopped Jon playing rugby at an early age his weight started to spiral out of control. He became low and started to comfort eat ballooning…


Peter was having trouble walking due to his excessive weight and a knee problem, so he decided to pay a visit to his GP. He was told that unless he lost weight …
Disclaimer: *Please note results may vary from person to person*

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