David Fairlamb


I am the owner and motivator behind David Fairlamb Fitness. Over 25 years of experience has made me even more passionate about helping and inspiring individuals.

I have developed the business to include award-winning group sessions, hugely popular Beach Bootcamps, a SugarCleanLean 6 week food plan, wellness program, motivational speaking, SugarCleanLean cooking classes and a unique floodlit, self-contained outdoor gym the first of its kind in the UK. My latest first was designing and building a unique VersaClimber Hub optimised for sound and light providing a unique experience as it's the only one of it's kind in the UK.
I have run several large campaign's of which my greatest successes was the Great North Fitness Revolution campaign in 2012 which ran for 4 years and gained a huge amount of local and national press.
I've written over 750 published fitness articles and am the fitness columnist for the Newcastle Journal Newspaper and Insight Magazine.
I am a personal trainer and mentoring for Mark Allison 'Run Geordie Run' who is running around the world is one of my biggest challenges and most rewarding. 
The success of the business brings regular TV and radio work.
In 2012, my campaign work was mentioned in the House of Commons, as a step forward for the health of the nation.