• Our three gyms
  • Unique DFF VersaHub
  • Outdoor / indoor strength sessions
  • DFF Beach Bootcamp

Private Gyms

Exclusive Private Personal Training Gym: Personal training is carried out in one of our private studios and can be completely isolated from other sessions.

Larger Private Gym: Suitable for groups, sports teams and corporate sessions

VersaClimber Hub

WE are the only gym in the UK to custom design a VersaClimber Hub, optimised for sound and lighting providing an exclusive experience. Our 30 mins sessions are unique and hugely motivational...

Outdoor/Indoor Strength Sessions

Sessions includes a huge range of strength and conditioning exercises suitable for complete beginners up to experienced strength and conditioning athletes.


The location of our Beach Bootcamp sessions. Clients training for their distance events find this outdoor location picturesque and invigorating.

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