Interview with David Fairlamb
David stops lockdown being a weighty problem.

Living through the coronavirus pandemic has been hugely challenging and for many, things have changed for the worse with fitness levels down and weight going up.

David Fairlamb has built a hugely successful fitness business. He's been doing it for over twenty years and has a loyal following which, over the course of a year, extends into four figures. But, Coronavirus has had a massive impact on his business.

"It's been tough. We can’t operate as normal," said David. "Part of the fun of our group sessions is the encouragement everybody gives each other. You can't beat the camaraderie of people working together with the same improve their fitness and keep an eye on their weight. It's not the same when we have to reduce numbers for social distancing or stop altogether."

David Fairlamb Fitness is one of the region's fitness success stories. David has steadily grown his business and continually comes-up with new ideas and innovations. He was one of the first fitness firms in the country to build a floodlit private outdoor gym. Like all his sessions they are suitable for all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness. He prides himself on this philosophy. Carrying tyres, dragging ropes and moving mountains can be achieved by all, with the correct guidance and motivation.

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