David proving doubters wrong with success of his beach bootcamps
David proving doubters wrong

Beach bootcamp

DAVID Fairlamb has built up a loyal and committed following who turn out on Saturday and Sunday mornings to the stunning North East location for a workout whatever the weather.

His pay-as-you-go Beach Bootcamp workout sessions consists of aerobic and bodyweight exercises designed to suit every fitness level, and he can regularly attract around 100 people who work at their own pace. David told me that people laughed at him and asked him who in their right mind would choose to train on a windswept, freezing cold beach in the North East when he first mooted the idea of running the classes. So far he has never had to cancel a session and the sun was thankfully shining when I joined a class, which began with a range of stretches to get the body warmed up.

David is currently not using any equipment in the sessions due to Covid, but the wide variety of exercises for the whole body mixed in with runs and sprints soon had the heart beating and the sweat flowing. What struck me was just how welcoming and encouraging everybody was – the classes are designed so that there is no sense of competition and everybody doing it had a smile on their faces

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