Tatiana, founder of Iyogabody Ltd is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor with over 14 years of yoga practice experience including 8 years of Iyengar style. 

We have introduced Iyengar Yoga at David Fairlamb Fitness because it compliments our training perfectly.

Tatiana's classes are adapted to suit all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness.

You can start classes at any point and work at your own ability level, using Yoga props if necessary.

It is beneficial for athletes, runners,swimmers, cyclists, workout fanatics and keen beginners to make Yoga practice part of their workout routine.

Yoga goes beyond just simple stretching by working on muscles and joints through all the ranges of motions – activating muscles we rarely use, in order to keep the body balanced, developing mobility, stamina and stability leading to a balanced energy flow.

Yoga classes includes:

  • dynamic flexibility training
  • core stabilization training
  • strengthening and balance work
  • breathing technique

Regular Yoga practice will help you:

  • faster recuperating from workouts and stay injuries free
  • open up tighter areas of the body that hinder sport performance
  • maintain suppleness of the muscles for better results and personal progress
  • improve range of motions
  • develop focus and metal concentration

Get transformed – get your YogaBody.

You don't have to be flexible to start-you just need to start.

Class details

Location: DF Fitness Gym

Class Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £8.00

Equipment: Mats and Yoga props provided




Tuesday 7pm - 8pm

Thursday 7.15pm - 8.15pm

Friday 9.30am - 10.30am

Saturday 11 - 11.45am (£7 or £5 if you have already done DF Beach Bootcamp at 9amthe same day)

Contact us for more information