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The Wattbike is the only indoor bike to be endorsed by British Cycling. Seven years in the making it has been developed to replicate the sensation of real cycling.
At DF Fitness we have the latest 2013 Wattbike which is able to monitor Power Output, Cadence, Heart Rate and Pedal Efficiency in real time. It delivers an intense, precise workout like no other. We also use it in our weight loss Personal training sessions.
Toni Minichiello, coach to Olympic Champion Jessica Ennis uses Wattbike and says: “As a coach you try to put the best plan possible together and that means using the best equipment. My athletes love to hate the Wattbike whereas I just love it! It’s a superb piece of kit for low-impact cardiovascular work and great for recovery sessions.”
Our range of Wattbike sessions include, 3 Minute Aerobic Test, 10 Minute Progress Test, 20 minute High Percentage of MMP and Peak Power Tests. Some include a full Body Composition option which tests - Body Fat %, Body Fat lbs, Lean Weight %, Lean Weight lbs, Water %, Visceral fat rating (fat round your stomach/major organs) and metabolic age.


Aerobic Capacity & Body Composition    45 minutes   
Includes Body Fat %, Lean Weight, Water Level %,
Metabolic Age and Visceral Fat Rating.
Includes Average Power, Heart Rate Max and Power to Weight Ratio.

Ramp Test and Technique Analysis    60 minutes    
Thorough warm up and cool down.
Technique analysed using Wattbike expert software.
Includes Average Power, Heart Rate Max, Power to Weight Ratio and Maximum Minute Power.

20 Minute Progress Check    45 minutes   
For experienced cyclists who have completed Aerobic Capacity Test.
Conducted at 75-80% of MMP.

Peak Power Tests & Body Composition    30 minutes    
Warm Up and Cool Down. 
A number of short peak power tests and your body composition analysis - see above.
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