After 14 years in a sedentary job Mark made a bold and exciting career change and through Premier Training qualified at REPS Level 3 in personal training.

He is a very keen golfer and has been a member of Whitley Bay Golf Club since he was nine years old. Given this experience and his personal training qualifications, Mark is able to offer training in golf fitness.

He keeps his fitness levels high through running, having completed numerous half marathons and this year completed his first marathon in Edinburgh.

Since joining us Mark has really stepped out of his comfort zone especially with the numerous motivational Beach Bootcamps he regularly instructs. This has made him realise that anything is possible with the right application and self belief.

Mark now thrives on setting himself new challenges and there has been no bigger challenge than training Mark Allison who this year ran 3100 miles across America. He had a large part in helping Mark prepare both physically and mentally for this awesome goal.

This career change has given him a new zest for life with new found motivation. Mark is now putting his knowledge and skills into practice by improving clients' fitness and well-being.