Alongside being physically active, eating a healthy balanced diet is a key component for health and well being.

At David Fairlamb Fitness we are very proud to have leading dietician Dr Amelia Lake. Amelia can explore your food and eating habits and offer you individualised, scientifically sound and up-to-date nutritional advice.

Amelia says, "The food and lifestyle choices you make affect your immediate and longer term health. Whether these choices result in small benefits or are only slightly harmful at the time, over the years the benefits or consequences often become apparent.

The long-term benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle are substantial. Healthy living can help prevent diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis; help maintain a healthy body weight; and improves overall well being.

Your everyday eating can have a huge effect on your long term health. While healthy eating may not always produce the instant gratification that exercise does, changing your diet for the better will give you a sense achievement as you take control of your health and well being."