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5 Week Fitness Assessment

Its all well and good training hard every week but in order to keep your motivation and focus its important to know that you are progressing. This is why we run a fitness assessment every 5 weeks. 
These assessments give you the opportunity to have your body composition tested and also complete a number of fitness and strength tests.

The assessments are ideal if you are looking to join the Fire Brigade, army or the Police.

From September 2013 the Police have introduced fitness tests for all their officers - our assessments will give you the perfect preparation.

There is no competition involved, we just ask you to work to the best of your ability, all results are recorded and kept in your own file.


What’s involved:
Body Composition Test

Results include - body weight, fat %, fat weight, lean weight%, water%, water kgs, visceral fat (fat around major organs), metabolic age


Fitness assessments

Bleep test - This test involves continuous running between two lines 20m apart in time to recorded beeps. The test gets progressively quicker until you can’t keep up with the beeps.

Press ups - as many press ups as possible within a 2 minute period. You can do any 1 of 3 versions of press ups from easy to hard.

Sit -ups - this involves someone standing on your feet and you completing as many full sit ups as possible in a 2 minute period.

The Plank - The plank which is an excellent balance and core conditioning exercise is performed for as long as you can to finish the assessments.


Next assessment date

Saturday February 11th
7.15am Body Composition
7.40am Fitness Assessments

You will be finished by 8.40am

Booking a place

As we only have limited places and the assessments are only once every 5 weeks please email to confirm a place


£5 for either the Body Composition or Fitness Assessment or £10 for both


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