"Personal Training is about making lifestyle changes...it's about looking at the whole person - not just what you see on the outside. Our Personal Trainers will give you the guidance, direction and expertise to make those life changes that will bring total health, fitness and well being.
David Fairlamb Fitness offers all of this in the most comprehensive, holistic and motivational fashion".


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Award winning group sessions

In groups of 6, clients will undergo a 6 weeks body transformation in one of our 3 private gyms.

3 Gyms

This will include:

  • 2 highly motivating 1 hour sessions per week
  • Body Composition stats every 2 weeks
  • Continual nutritional analysis

Cost is less than half price of one to one sessions

David Fairlamb has based these sessions on his award winning Fit Factor successes

Contact us now to book a place.

David Fairlamb Fitness now boasts Private Personal Training Gym number 3 which opened on January 5th 2015. This gives personal training clients and our group sessions the luxury of their own private gym.

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